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September 12, 2008



You just cleared sooo much up for me! I'm still learning my camera and this was fabulous in helping me understand! I'm definately going to participate in the contest (yeah starbucks!!) Thanks so much!


This sounds like it will be fun. I can't wait to play and get out a little bit with this broke foot and all. Thanks for having the contest. I've just recently gotten out of Autoish modes and weint into AP mode and Manual mode.


Hey Emily,

I'm a friend of Kelly Tofslie. I love the photography stuff you're posting about.

I have a Panasonic Lumix with an aperture priority setting, but it only goes to a 2.8 :( What can I do to compensate for my camera?

tara pollard pakosta

I just wanted to say, that series of simon is adorable!!!!!!!
my focus is always on his sweet face! no matter what aperature LOL!
by the way, you did the greatest job i have ever read of explanations!

Emily Weaver Brown

Aurora, 2.8 is plenty wide enough - you can do a lot at that aperture. But the Lumix is an SLR right? so maybe consider buying a 50mm 1.4 prime as your next lens.



Sounds like fun! And great job with relaying the information.


Emily, I've got the Lumiz FZ7, it's unfortunately not an SLR... I wish! http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/panasonicfz7/

I'm trying to talk the hubby into an SLR before we have kids. I want to be able to take nice baby photos. :)

How to I accommodate the 2.8? Should my subject be further away from the background?

Kelly T

Hey Em! Well, I would partake, although I am NOT competitive at all, but we are super busy. It's funny, but I am feeling a little better about my photos considering that the majority of the time I can only get down to a 4.3! The ones I did of Lacy on the bed are a 4.3. So, once you get pasted the priority modes and get to straight manual, then I hope to join in, if you do more:) I sent on the lens to Eddy that you recommended to me. I think I am ready for them now. I have a feeling we can only justify the 1.8 for this novice! I hope you post the entries!

Kelly T

Question...can you fill me in on some good textures for blankets? I would like to have some blankets to throw down, but not sure what would photograph well. I so know white sheets are definitely not a good choice, haha. I remember seeing, I think, a 'sheepskin' rug in your photos?? Anyway, would love to know the good ones and bad colors to avoid!


On the subject, Kelly, I saw sheepskins at Ikea for $20. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70026822

I'd be interested in seeing a post on texture, like what Kelly was talking about. :)

Kate Phelps

Your cute baby should be featured more... with my sister. :)


I had to stop and say THANK YOU! I love your tutorials. I am a bit of a photography dunce and don't know where to start. Every book I pick up and read assumes I know what ISO and white balance are for - let alone what they mean! Your posts like this have been extremely helpful. Please keep them coming. And would you consider writing about manual focusing or guide me to a book that can help with that? Thanks.

Emily Weaver Brown

I think that you might fall in to the category of people who has come to think that shooting "manual" means using manual focus. This is actually not the case at all. I never use manual focus. It is too slow. You would never be able to focus on a running toddler. Manual focus does have applications in macro photography and some landscapes but don't feel like just because you are using manual mode that you also have to use manual focus - auto focus is a wonderful thing!


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