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September 22, 2008



How nice for her to get to stay with you during this time. It's probably both a blessing for her, and for you. I admire anyone who can put up with med school...wow.


Best. Post. Ever.


Wow! It has been SO long since we have seen Melissa and Eric. I am very excited to read that she is finishing up med school...wow! My husband Mike said he was just thinking about them this last week b/c the Beavers killed USC, or something like that, and was wishing he could get in touch with them! I didn't even know that she knew about my blog or read it! Please tell her I said hi and we would love to get in touch with them! I may look for them on Facebook! Oh, and thanks for the book recommendation! I will definitely check that out!! So, is there a good place to grocery shop in Moscow?? I really don't remember; it's been a long time since we moved from there and we definitely didn't eat this way then!! Take care...and your pictures are beautiful!

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