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October 26, 2008



Men don't always "get" the whole hat thing, but we sure do! That hat is terrific!


Are you kidding? I love the pumpkin hat! Of course, I guess I have no room to talk since I don't like Eli's "dinosuar" hat and we always get compliments on that one! :)

The hat's adorable...keep it on him:) The window of opportunity for fun things like that will pass so quick! And the photos are great. I was super bummed with my pumpkin patch photos this year. First attempt Lacy was just NOT having a good day, so I didnt really get to "try"as I am a little slow adjusting! Then the next two, we all were having fun but I just could quite come up with a nice exposure...just looked average! I will post as soon as I get all caught up from being sick. What time of day did you go?


I think the pumpkin hat is awesome! I love his little outfit, too!

I'm getting a DSLR!! I'm so excited! I'll be stalking your blog for photography tips, now! :) BTW, how do you get that awesome sun-flare? I love it!


Also, Emily, could you comment on good books for beginning photographers?


I vote for the HAT!
Tell Myles to stop being such a stick in the mud


Those are the cutest pumpkin patch pictures I've ever seen! The light is gorgeous, as is the baby!

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