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January 17, 2009


Miss Lila


Having had my last "baby" 33 years ago, I am sad that I didn't have photos made like this. Back in "my day" women tryed to "hide" the fact they were pregnant. Big old floppy dresses and shirts. I'm so glad I raised my two girls different. They were proud of that belly and let it show. I told them they would be so happy they did after their little ones were grown and gone.

So you pregnant ladies get that belly out there!!!!!!!

Miss Lila in Atlanta


Love that last one especially. Wish I could get a photo like that when I'm pregnant.


Em -- GORGEOUS. I only wish I could have had you photograph me while I was pregnant. I would have loved to have a shot like that last one. Simply beautiful! And I really like the first two as well. The natural texture of the fabric is perfect. And I agree with Miss Lila -- mommies, be proud of your beautiful bellies! :)

heather bauers

You did such a great job with her and she's such a great sport. i love the preggo body, so feminine and beautiful!

Hey, you need to pop on over to my blog and participate in my little contest, I know you'd love the prize I'm giving away. I can totally see you making these too.




Thank you so much for doing these, they are stunning! I love them! :)


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