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February 05, 2009



Emily, I am so ashamed! Don't you know that in this family we use YouTube to share videos? I have put up with your shameful behavior for too long as it is, but no more!

Oh, and it is a cute video of Simon.


I was almost crying at the pseudo cartoon column...that is hysterical!

LOVE the video...you will be so glad 12 years from now that you took that! (that is usually about the time they decide that you are not "cool" anymore)

Her Wee Mee's look like the Russian dolls, that is so neat


He/he...I'm glad you noticed it was a Nikon;)

That cartoon was funny! I have so got to start taking videos like you do....sigh....such terrific memories.


aw, that video is so adorable! it reminds me of when my niece was about 2 or 3 years old and we were asking her what does a dog say, etc. the funniest thing was that when we asked her what does a bear say and she did the little roar, her voice for some reason went really deep so it sounded almost like an adult imitation of a bear! it was hilarious to hear such a good road coming from a baby girl!!

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