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August 27, 2008


That is so neat to see. I'm glad you were able to capture it for Myles too.

In those photos of the baby massage, was he falling asleep in the last photo? I know he loves it as much as you do. Lucky baby, lucky mom.

Aunt Faye

Kay Weaver

It is so much fun to see how relaxed Simon is when getting his massage. You can just read the pleasure all over his face and body response. Also Simon greatly improved on his crawling today. There's no stopping him now! Love, Mom


I've just read your fantastic tutorial on white balance at A Baker's Dozen -- thank you so much for finally making sense of this. Would you consider perhaps starting a series of blog posts with photography tutorials? I'd be thrilled if you did (and so would many others, I'm sure).

Emily Weaver Brown

I had already thought about it. Are their any topics that you would want me to address? The hard part for me would be coming up with what to write about.

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