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August 23, 2008


Nicole Kofoed

Hello. I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I, though extremely upset by your story, appreciate hearing from someone who was an eye witness to this. Brent is our nephew. We love him very much and are grateful to you for your updates on this situation.
Nicole and Chris Kofoed

Kim Turner

Thank you. I am Brent's Aunt an we are all greatful to everyone for making an effort to locate Brent. I urge anyone with any news to contact the local officials. This is a nightmare his family is hoping is not real. Brent is our entertainer. Our cat with 9 lives. A beautiful young man with such energy and life.
Aunt Bia


to the Sweet family - in God's gracious arms may your boy rest - know that many of us are thinking about him, and you.

Gina Koehler

I've known Brent for a very long time, he is so loved by everyone who has ever had the pleasure to know him. My heart and prayers go out to the Sweet family, I am thinking of you all.

Thanks for updating your web-site.

Gina Koehler


I am Brents older sister. I am in Seattle now along with my other brother and Brents girlfriend. We would love to speak to anyone who was there and might be able to answer some of the many questions we have about what happened. I can be reached through my e-mail [email protected] we really appreciate any help.

Mike Hobbs

I am mike "brents friend" the second swimmer
Its approaching the one year anniversary and I would like to get a E-mail through to his parents.

Nikolay Mishkov

I was one of the people that Brent met and helped. He is one in a million.

my prayers are with you. Since apples do not fall far from the tree i see that you have an amazing job raising him.

God bless you all

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