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September 10, 2008



I'm glad you saw the video... because I was going to send it to you if you hadn't. It totally reminded me of something you would put together. :)

Emily Weaver Brown

You think that I would put together something like that! What kind of geek do you think I am?


Awww, look at Simon being such a big boy! I love your theory about foods. We made that mistake with Austin (bland, tasteless foods) and he is SUCH a picky eater (like me- sigh). But with Devin and Kaitlyn, we started right out with things full of flavor (sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, bananas,etc) and they are SUCH great eaters now. Makes total sense. :)

And OMG, that video was hilarious! I can't pretend I know what they were talking about, matter, antimatter, protons, etc but I still enjoyed it! I'll be rapping all day now... LOL...


Since when are you so into particle physics?


thanks for sharing!

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