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December 15, 2008



Happy Birthday, Emily! Whoops, did I kill the suspense? I hope you have a great day.


Well, I only started cooking with my first because she would scream unless she was held or entertained....like 23 hours a day. But now she is a well spoken, polite 12 1/2 year old who can cook. Babies (or toddlers) in the kitchen drive me CRAZY, but I've seen the pay off. Just recently my eight year old has begun baking...all by himself.

I must say though Emily....I don't usually put my babies directly on the stove :)

And you're only getting close to 30? Makes me feel old. I'll be 33 on Thursday.


Happy birthday!!! I'm glad you're going to start bloging again- I've been missing your updates!! Hope you have a great day!!!


heather bauers

Awe man, did I miss the muffins? I know what's it's like to be busy and I've still got 3 families before christmas-ack!! Maybe the cooking with babies isn't all it's cracked up to be, but gosh does it make for some cute pics:)

I'll be 32 in March by the way, it ain't too bad.


Happy Birthday Emily! Simon looks like he hit the mother lode getting to "help". Watch that salt in the eyes.

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