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December 24, 2008



If it makes you feel better we made zero effort to decorate for Christmas (as I have been traveling and Eric does not give a rat's patoot), so when your card comes I will proudly display it all by itself in the place of honor atop the television without a Christmas decoration in sight!

Tiffany Allen

Hey Emily, I look at your blog all the time, but I never leave a comment. I thought Christmas was a good occasion. So Merry Christmas to you snowed-in people. It's funny to think about how weird people can be about snow after growing up with it being no big deal in AK huh? I can't believe you almost have a 1 year old. Did you know Chris and Chrissy are expecting in February? Well, email me sometime when you get a chance - I'm bad at phone calls, but I can keep in touch via email. Tell your mom Merry Christmas for me too, I like getting to see her on here too! :)


Absolutely Beautiful photos Emily...so did you get your talent from your mom? Or did she get it from you?

Merry Christmas!!


Beautiful Card and I, like Melissa will proudly display it, maybe for more grandmotherly reasons!


Emily, the card is amazing (no surprising)!! I'll gladly keep our Christmas cards up long so that we can display yours! :)

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